Special Project-BotScan-a Game project In Collaboration with PixlWorks

Making Of / 22 June 2023

About Me

General / 22 June 2023

My name is Sarah Weizhen Xu, a Concept Artist and a Matte Painter characterized by my unique versatility and strong foundation in traditional painting. Over the past five years, I've built a thriving freelance career specializing in environment art, character illustration, and digital matte painting. My work reflects my meticulous attention to detail and a profound understanding of color, light, composition, and anatomy – skills honed through my extensive background in traditional arts.

Beyond just painting and concept art, I also excel in the end-to-end 3D production process. This involves everything from 3D high poly/low poly modeling and UV unwrapping to texturing and concluding with level design in game engines. I also have the ability to create 2.5D/3D projections in Nuke.

I'm always in pursuit of growth, eagerly looking to apply my technical expertise and creative vision to roles that promise new challenges and the opportunity to deliver exceptional visual creations. Currently, I'm about to earn my Master of Digital Media degree from the Centre for Digital Media at Simon Fraser University. As I prepare for the next step in my career, I'm actively seeking opportunities where I can apply my unique talents as an environment artist, concept artist, or digital matte painter.